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As you may well know, I make my living 100% online.

I live the laptop lifestyle, meaning you can work anywhere you want, anytime you want, just using a laptop and an internet connection.

Do you want to know how I make a living online?

My Inner Circle is an exclusive group of people where I share ALL my tactics, tips, strategies how YOU can do exactly the same.


What you will get if you join my LaptopLifePro Premium Facebook Group:

Automation Systems
Did I say I LOVE automation?

I work alone, and I have systems in place where a lot of the tedious tasks are fully automated, like publishing fresh content, sharing content etc.
In my group I will share all my tactics how to do this and maximise your earning potential

Real and Actionable Tactics
No shiny objects. No Loopholes.
Just real life working tactics I share with you and use daily myself.

Free Access to ALL Strategies I use to make money online today
Free Traffic Engine is a part of whole strategy I use to make money online.
In my group I share all my knowledge, tricks, hacks and tactics to REALLY start making money online.

Make Money Online Tutorial Videos which are not publicly available
I have made many over my shoulder how-to videos, showing you exactly what I do to get traffic, how to setup my websites, how to create content etc.

MANY Premium tools, themes and courses for FREE
I have bought the Agency rights to many tools, courses and themes which I use daily.
You can use these for FREE.

Secret SEO Hacks
SEO is really difficult. Why? Because there is so much competition!
There are 100s or even millions of websites trying to get the #1 spot in Google.

Learn my Hacks how to circumvent this with new angles and get traffic to your affiliate sites and finally start making money.

Email Marketing Tips
Email marketing is very underrated, you should ALWAYS build a list.
You can then remarket to your list over and over…

I will teach you how to build your list.

My Assistance
You can ask questions in the group and I will do my best to answer them.

1:1 coaching is also available for a discounted price.

Grow with the other members & fly with the eagles
Interact and share tips, make money together!

All the people who are a member want the same thing as you, they are determined to make money online.

If you want to really make money online, leave the people who are weighing you down, but fly up there with the eagles.

Focus & Mindset Help
The BIGGEST problem I encounter why people don’t succeed in making money online:

  • no focus
  • bad mindset
  • no perseverance
  • no determination
  • not following ONE system and sticking to it, always buying new shiny objects, courses and tools
  • not treating your online business as a proper business, not a hobby
  • not taking action every day
  • giving up too soon
  • not having a mentor
  • not holding yourself accountable

I will help you as much as I can with these.

Focus on one system, stick to it, take action every day and you WILL succeed.


Hold my hand and we will make money together!

The other members in the group are just as determined as you in making money online (and some already do).

When you are on the right track, with this group as your mentor, there is no option than success.



Do not buy this membership if you expect to earn lots and lots of money in a matter of days.

It takes hard work to make this happen, and if you stick to the plan, you will earn money.

But be realistic, if it was so easy to make a living online like a lot of other products expect you to believe, than we would all be millionaires!

ONLY press the BUY button if you are ready to COMMIT to follow the tactics and strategies, and TAKE ACTION.

And… you will stay a member for at least 6 months.


Only if you have tried for at least 6 months and take action (almost) everyday, only THEN you can say you have failed if you make no money.

If you are not OK with this, please DO NOT enroll.

If you understand this, then you’re welcome and press the buy button below and I will see you on the inside!

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